KJFC Year Book

KJFC Year Book 2018

The final siren has blown on the 2018 season and I write this report with the AGM around the corner and 2019 plans already underway. As the President I do ask myself the question; was 2018 a successful season for the Kingsley Junior Football Club?

It’s an easy question to ask but a harder one to know how to answer. Our primary job is to keep kids playing football, so on participation, our season was a success, we saw similar numbers as last year. In a sport that is seeing junior levels on a slight decline, this is a success.

However, as a club we’d like to see more than just numbers, we want to see our players enjoying football, developing their skills and playing in a fair and respectful manner. In the Opens age group, we, of course, like to see our teams make finals and I believe if we concentrate on develop and fun in the younger ages, then success in the older age groups will naturally follow.

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